Why do I need the Source to make essential oils?

From aromatherapy to cooking to health, essential oils can not only play a large part in our daily life, but they are gaining recognition as a pathway to alternative health and wellness. But why would someone choose to make their own essential oils, when some varieties can be purchased as close as your local grocery store?

Essential Oil advantages


Cost: you might want to consider the source of your oil. Is it grown locally? How has it been extracted? Has it been diluted? Once you look at the variables in essential oils, you quickly realize that you get what you pay for! When you make your own, you can be assured of a quality of your choice and the cost is most likely lower.

Creativity: are you looking to make the perfect blend for sleep? Or do you want a de-stresser essential oil? Custom blend your own essential oils to create the perfect blend for you!

Knowledge: what chemicals might be in your essential oil? As recently as yesterday, cannabis essential oils have been recalled in Colorado due to pesticide usage. While your oil might seem organic, is it really? When you grow plants at home, or buy from a reputable source, and extract them yourself -- you know exactly what's in your essential oil. Since they may be used for health, or be ingested, knowing the details could be the difference between getting healthy and absorbing or ingesting unwanted chemicals. 

Trust: labelling requirements for essential oils such as lavender, mint and more are not heavily regulated by the FDA. This means you may be buying a product that may have overstated claims. 

While essential oils are gaining in popularity and use, we believe that making your own essential oil or essential oil blend is the ultimate experience, whether for kitchen use, health, or to make gifts for your friends.