The Science behind the Source

Anyone can remove the alcohol from a tincture to make a concentrate by simply heating the tincture until the alcohol boils off. At sea level, this happens at about 173 degrees F (68 degrees C). However, other components of the plant extract also boil off with the alcohol at these temperatures, and substantial losses in yield are unavoidable. Half the desired material or more may evaporate along with the alcohol. If the pressure of the process is reduced, the temperature at which the alcohol boils off can be greatly reduced. The loss of plant essences that evaporate at reduced temperatures and pressures is far less. For many important terpenes, oils, and other compounds, losses can be reduced by ten times or more at lower temperatures and pressures since these losses are driven more by the temperature of the extraction than the pressure.

The Source will produce yields comparable to many industrial processes, retains the grain alcohol solvent, and offers yields of up to twice that found with higher temperature, open cycle alcohol extractors.