Make Your Own Reed Diffuser

Everyone know the mark of a truly clean home — the way it smells. You can scrub the floors and counters, vacuum the carpets, and dust the blinds, but nothing freshens a home like the calming scent of lavender or the invigorating smell of lemon and orange. Sure, you could use a chemical-based air freshener, but typically they only mask smells, are bad for you, and are bad for the environment. At ExtractCraft, we put the natural essential oils we make with the Source to good use by making our own reed diffusers, which is easy and fun. All you need is your EO’s, an attractive jar or container, some reeds, a carrier oil, and a flow agent.

Typically, you’ll want to find containers with narrow openings because it delays the oil’s inevitable evaporation, but you can really use any container you want, just be sure that your container is no more than half the size of your reeds. We also always recommend using rattan reed sticks, which are easy to find online or at your local apothecary supply store — we grabbed ours at Michael's for a couple of dollars for ten sticks. Bamboo skewers (yes, like the ones you make kabobs with) do not work nearly as well as rattan reed sticks, which easily allow oil to travel up and saturate, but can be used in a pinch.

Make Your Diffuser

1.     Mix your ¼ cup of your carrier oil (we use almond or safflower oil), 15 drops of your favorite essential oil, and 1 teaspoon or your flow agent (grain alcohol or water).

2.     Fill your container about ¾ full of your mixture, then place 5-10 reeds in it, depending on the size of your container opening.

3.     Let them soak for a few minutes, then flip them over and place them back in your diffuser.

Tips & Tricks

·      You’ll want to give your diffuser a swirl about once a week to keep the ingredients from settling and get the best diffusion.

·      If you notice that your reeds have become totally saturated and are no longer diffusing, replace them using the same method you did before. Once reeds are completely saturated, they can be discarded.

·      We don’t recommend re-using or mixing reeds in different scents — it never turns out quite the way you hoped and usually ends up putting off an offensive scent.

·      Homemade diffusers make great gifts! Store your oil mixture in a sealed glass container, tie a bow around the diffuser sticks, put everything into a small gift basket, and you have a thoughtful and beautiful gift for any occasion.

Reed diffusers are a great way to freshen up a room, easy to make, and can be made from just about any container. Making them at home means you have a natural and safe solution to chemical-based alternatives, so enjoy making the world better one diffuser at a time.