Spring Cleaning With ExtractCraft and the Source

It’s that time of year again — the snow has finally melted away (for most of us), the birds are chirping, and you’ve decided you’re going to try your hand at gardening again this year, which also means it’s time for Spring Cleaning! Some of us dread this time of year, yet others have been counting down the seconds with anticipation, but either way, your annual scrub down can benefit from using the Source to create essential oils for use throughout your home. Use your essential oils to create natural cleaning products without the chemical residue of conventional methods and keep your family safe and healthy all year long.

Essential oils made with the Source are naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial and can be easily mixed with vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, water, salt, washing soda, and more to create safe alternatives to chemical-based cleaners:

Oven Cleaner: Scrub out those pesky stains that you’ve been ignoring since Thanksgiving with an orange essential oil mixed with some baking soda and water. Your oven will look fantastic and your kitchen will smell delicious.

Carpet Shampoo: Sure, you may vacuum on a weekly basis, but nothing refreshes high traffic areas of carpet like a good scrubbing. Mix some baking soda with some lavender essential oil in a mason jar, then sprinkle over your carpet and vacuum up a few hours later. You’ll be impressed at how quickly it improves the smell of your home, and it’s perfectly safe to use around kids and pets!

Spray Disinfectant: Use 10 or so drops of thyme and lemon essential oils mixed with hot water and washing soda in a spray bottle, and spritz wherever this winter’s germs may still be hanging around (door knobs, cabinets, toys, etc.), then wipe down with a damp cloth and VOILA! You’re done, it’s really that easy.

Toilet/Bathroom Cleaner: I love using peppermint oil for its fresh and crisp smell, but did you know that it’s also a power antibacterial agent? Mix it with vinegar or castile soap and use in your bathrooms or even in the kitchen. Bonus: Peppermint is also a great pest preventative!

Floor Cleaner: Instead of pulling out the Swiffer and pushing germs around your tile floor, mix lemon, tea-tree and lavender oils with castile soap in a bucket of hot water, and mop to your hearts desire! Tea-tree oil will eliminate any musty smells that have been lingering, fights mold, and is completely safe for use around young children.

Whatever mess you have on your hands this spring, using your Source to make essential oils at home is the best way to create natural cleaning products that will be safe to use all over your home. Happy Spring!