EtOH PRO (ē-toe pro): New orders shipping February 2019 (USA orders only)

EtOH Product photo 1.12.19.jpg
EtOH Product photo 1.12.19.jpg

EtOH PRO (ē-toe pro): New orders shipping February 2019 (USA orders only)


The expected shipping for this order will be February 2019. Currently only available for shipping inside USA. Once purchased your credit card will be debited and we will accept payment. Your purchase may be canceled anytime prior to delivery for a full refund. After delivery returns will not be accepted.

Features & Benefits of the EtOH Pro Series

  • Completely closed ethanol recovery extraction appliance

  • 4L capacity (equals 12-16oz of dry material depending on density)

  • 3 Hour processing time

  • Altitude specific tuning for peak performance

  • Dial controlled temperature range of 96F-105F

  • Reclaims 98% of alcohol for re-use.

  • Non-stick chamber for easy harvesting of the oil

  • Glass lid for observation process and progress

  • Additional secondary purging capabilities for post processing needs

  • High quality design & materials 

  • Small footprint (19"d x 22"w x12"h)

  • 1-year warranty

  • Still the best customer service in the industry

Video Demonstration of EtOH PRO click here

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Pre-sale price only offered for the first 200 units sold!  

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