Source™ Turbo


Source™ Turbo


Introducing the Source™ Turbo, with improved processing time, Turbo Mode, altitude-specific tuning, and upgraded crucible design. Perfect for at-home botanical extractions and easy to use with bluetooth smart-device app, Source™ Turbo is the only at-home extraction appliance in the world that is made simple, smart, and safe for all your extraction needs.

Source™ Turbo includes the full unit as pictured (phone not included), an ice tray for cooling the lid, and ships in discreet packaging.

Source™ Turbo makes it easy for you to quickly and safely create essential oils and concentrates in the comfort of your own home, and comes equipped with altitude-specific tuning, so you're good to go whether you're in the mountains or on the beach.

Request Source™ Turbo at your local hydroponics store or smoke shop, or check out our Store Locator for a near by retailer currently carrying Source™ Turbo.  Be a trendsetter  and show all your friends how the pros do it!

USE CUPON CODE "CHIP" FOR A $25 DISCOUNT!  If you are willing to accept one or two very minor chips around the glass edge.  The chips are very small and don't compromise performance at all.  We just can't in good faith send them out at full price and would like to pass some savings onto you.  Take advantage of the opportunity while supplies last!  "CHIP" may be used in conjunction with other coupon codes.


**iPhone pictured not included.

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Each one of our units is built and tested here in Longmont, Colorado, but we aren't always the best at keeping each unit unblemished.  Occasionally we will have units that operate perfectly fine but may have a scratch on the base, a small dent on the crucible, or who knows, maybe a slight blemish in the glass.  These units are perfectly fine and have passed all testing and inspection, but we can not in good faith sell them as brand new units.  So, we pass the savings on to you!!