Our goal is to have you enjoy the Source!

Extractcraft shall repair or replace the Source, in its sole discretion, for any manufacturing defect for a period of 12 months from shipment of the device when purchased from ExtractCraft or an authorized dealer defined in the “AUTHORIZED SELLER” section below.

We strongly urge caution when purchasing from Amazon and Ebay.  Amazon and Ebay online purchases from sellers not included in the "AUTHORIZED SELLERS" list below will not be covered by the ExtractCraft warranty and will not be eligible to be serviced by ExtractCraft.  ExtractCraft reserves the right to update and amend the Authorized Sellers list without notice.  The ExtractCraft warranty does not cover purchases outside of our authorized dealers and units will not be eligible for servicing by ExtractCraft. 

AUTHORIZED SELLERS: All brick and mortar store sellers.  All independent website online sellers. ExtractCraft on Amazon.  Focus Camera on Amazon.  ALL other Amazon and Ebay sellers are UNAUTHORIZED and will not be covered by warranty or serviced by ExtractCraft.