**iPhone not included.

**iPhone not included.

Source™ Turbo

Introducing the Source Turbo, with improved processing time, Turbo Mode, altitude-specific tuning, and upgraded crucible design. Perfect for at-home botanical extractions and easy to use with bluetooth smart-device app (app is not necessary for operation), Source Turbo is the only at-home extraction appliance in the world that is made simple, smart, and safe for all your extraction needs. Source Turbo makes it easy for you to quickly and safely create botanical oils and concentrates in the comfort of your own home.

A Source Turbo purchase includes the full unit similar to photo (phone not included) but with the newly released COC collector and Teflon coated crucible!  It also includes an ice tray for cooling the lid, ships in discreet packaging, and has a 1-year warranty.

Request Source Turbo at your local hydroponics store or smoke shop, or check out our Store Locator for a near by retailer currently carrying Source Turbo.  Be a trendsetter and show all your friends how the pros do it!

**iPhone pictured not included.

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EtOH PRO (ē-toe pro): USA orders only

Currently only available for shipping inside USA. Your purchase may be canceled anytime prior to delivery for a full refund. After delivery returns will not be accepted.

Features & Benefits of the EtOH Pro Series

  • Completely closed ethanol recovery extraction appliance

  • 4L capacity (equals 12-16oz of dry material depending on density)

  • 3 Hour processing time

  • Altitude specific tuning for peak performance

  • Dial controlled temperature range of 96F-105F

  • Reclaims 98% of alcohol for re-use.

  • Non-stick chamber for easy harvesting of the oil

  • Glass lid for observation process and progress

  • Additional secondary purging capabilities for post processing needs

  • High quality design & materials 

  • Small footprint (19"d x 22"w x12"h)

  • 1-year warranty

  • Still the best customer service in the industry

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