• Make the highest quality extracts, concentrates, and essential oils yourself.

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  • With the SOURCE Turbo and EtOH Pro, it’s easy to save money by making your own oils.

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  • ExtractCraft preserves the natural goodness of your botanicals using low temperature vacuum extraction.

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  • Make more potent tinctures, more effective lotions, and tastier culinary creations.


Extraction: Better Than Infusion

Pulling out ALL of the goodness from your botanicals

The beauty of creating botanical oils, extracts, and concentrates with ExtractCraft is you get all the good stuff from the plant – not merely the essence or flavor. Our ethanol extraction appliances work under vacuum at low temperatures. The result is clean and potent – the full spectrum of botanical benefits.

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Mushrooms are amazing! Learn about their history the medicinal and culinary benefits this month.

Learn about making the purest extracts, concentrates, and essential oils yourself with botanicals available near you.

Reishi Mushroom is called the Queen of Mushrooms for its long history and amazing medicinal benefits.

Read About the Reishi Mushroom


Extraction Machines

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Become an Xcrafter

The ExtractCraft community has a lot to give… Join the conversation for ideas, resources and support. You can also share your own extraction recipes, tips and comments for a chance to be featured on our Xcrafters pages.

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ExtractCraft Recipe Ideas from Our Community

People from all over the country shared their favorite recipes for food, beverage, remedy, home goods, or tinctures.  Dylan and Michelle have shared the recipes in this informative video so you can see all the great ideas submitted.   Watch his video and to discover just part of the things you can do at home with your ExtractCraft device.

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