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Source Turbo Quick Troubleshooting Guide

+ How to connect to my Source via bluetooth.

Connect directly through the Source App — DO NOT connect through phone settings or Bluetooth. 1 — Plug in machine 2 — Enable the Bluetooth on a BLE-capable Bluetooth device 3 — Open the Source app 4 — Choose the small square icon in the upper right corner of the app (red when not connected) 5 — Select the "Src_XXXX" device 6 — Touch outside the connect window to return to the control menu 7 — It may take up to a minute or so for the connection to be made. The small icon in the upper right will change from red to green when the connection is complete, and the control page will change from zeros to reflect temperature, vacuum, and time remaining information.

+ I can't connect to my Source via bluetooth.

If you are having trouble connecting to your Source via your phone's Bluetooth, follow these troubleshooting steps: 1 — Close the app (don't just "minimize" should be closed). 2 — Unplug the Source appliance. 3 — Wait 5 seconds. 4 — Plug Source back in. 5 — Re-start the Source app and select the connection to the appliance. It may take a full minute or longer to achieve a connection with some mobile devices when these steps are taken.

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