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Our ethanol recovery appliances are easy and safe to use in the home or small business and make achieving high quality extraction achievable for everyone! These appliances work under vacuum, with low heat, to recover almost all the ethanol for reuse, paying you back and paying for itself every time they are used. The Source Turbo is great for personal, small batch production, or process testing while the EtOH PRO (ē-toe pro) is a workhorse with a 1-gallon capacity. Use our equipment to be a trendsetter and show all your friends how the pros do it!

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Source Turbo is perfect for at-home botanical extractions and ethanol recovery. It is about the size of a coffee maker and just as easy to use. The mobile app allows you to monitor the performance and progress of the process.

Source Turbo makes it easy for you to quickly and safely create botanical oils and concentrates in the comfort of your own home, and comes equipped with altitude-specific tuning, so you're good to go whether you're in the mountains or on the beach.

EtOH PRO (ē-toe pro) is great for the home or small business. It is made to be a workhorse with a large 4 liter (1-gallon) capacity for heavy lifting.

This machine has dual functions with ethanol recovery and post processing purge capabilities. ‘Extract Mode’ allows for ethanol recovery to produce oil. ‘Purge Mode’ can then be used to post process the oil further into more stable concentrate forms if desired.

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From Rocky Mountain Highs to the Spice Islands:

Make Flower, Herb, and Spice Concentrates

Ethanol extraction allows you to make very potent and clean pure oils and concentrates. You will be making oils of high quality like you’ve never imagined possible. Combinations of flavors, scents, and medicinal values can now be brought together as easily as you can think of them. Imagination is the only limitation, we’ve taken care of hard part for you.

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Cups, mats, and multi-use silicone boxes simplify the sometimes difficult job of handling concentrates.



Quality filtration is essential for quality extracts and concentrates. The vacuum assisted Buchner funnel sets are an easy and quick way to achieve quality filtration.

Introduction and How-To Videos:

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Fun, Support, and Knowledge

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ExtractCraft Users Group

This FB group is a gem. It is a safe and supportive place for anyone to ask questions, learn, and share experiences. Unrestricted content contributions, 21-years and above only.

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ExtractCraft Culinary and Aroma Extraction Arts Group

This group is more specialized for only culinary and aroma specific topics. You will see some incredible extraction applications in this group.


ExtractCrafter by IchiBan Crafter

An incredible resource for those new to ethanol extraction. This blog contains all the information anyone need to make great extractions from the first try.



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