1 Gallon Collector for the EtOH Pro

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This item is an upgrade for the EtOH Pro.  The 1 Gallon Collector allows a user to maximize the capacity of the EtOH Pro by upgrading the current 2 L Reclaim Jar to 1 gallon.  Once attached, you will now use this in place of the Reclaim Jar that comes standard with the EtOH Pro.   As a note, when you install the 1 Gallon Collector,  you will no longer be able to use the stock Reclaim Jar.  However, there will be no need for the Reclaim Jar moving forward because the 1 Gallon Collector is an upgrade to the Reclaim Jar in all ways.

The 1 Gallon Collector for the EtOH Pro will allow you to process a full gallon of wash with ease. This will cut down processing time and increase simplicity of use. Now rather than monitoring the process as to not overfill the Reclaim Jar, you can be confident your 1 Gallon Collector will not need to be emptied until a full kettle load is processed. You are still able to perform smaller loads with the 1 Gallon Collector as well.

Comes with Heavy Duty lid for the Collection Vessel, Collection Vessel, and the tubing needed to switch out this lid for the Reclaim Jar Lid that comes stock.

Instructions are included, you will need to replace the stock Reclaim Jar lid with the Heavy Duty lid this comes with in order to use the 1 Gallon Collector.

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 241 × 241 × 254 cm


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